Bipio™ Pay is a boutique one-stop-shop for all of your payment needs.

Fully integrated and ready to implement.
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A Global Reach

Bipio’s robust and secure payment infrastructure extends all of its offerings across the globe.
Credit & Debit Card Processing
POS Retail Systems
Virtual Terminal
Wireless Terminal
ERP Integration
PCI Compliance
ACH Processing
Online Reporting
Pre-paid, Gift, & Loyalty Programs
Enhanced Interchange Services
Chargeback Dispute Automation Services
Financing Installment Plans
Global Alternative Payments

Complexity Is Our Sweet Spot​

We help you to simplify complexity, improve user experience, provide transparency and increase profitability.

Competitive Rates

The way we built our business is what gives us the ability to offer competitive rates. Bipio™ Pay is an in-house solution built from the ground up with next generation technologies and operates on highly efficient business processes.

Hardware & Processor Agnostic

With Bipio™ Pay, your business gains so much flexibility.

We are hardware/device agnostic, processor agnostic, and bank agnostic. This makes us truly plug and play, and your business does not need to make any changes to existing infrastructure or vendors.

Digital Currency Friendly

Bipio™ Pay allows businesses of any size to accept cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) as a payment method.

Integrated and Ready to Implement

Our integrated solutions eliminate the often lenghty process to integrate transactional data to your accounting and operational systems.

Integrated and Ready to Automate

Bipio’s integrated payments solutions automates accounting processes, allowing you to bypass the process of manually entering and reconciling transaction data.

Branded Credit Cards

Increase sales, attract new customers and deliver value to your most loyal customers.