PCI Compliance

Get Paid Faster with ACH Payment Processing Software

With our ACH payment processing software, you can get paid faster. We use the latest security standards and encryption methods to ensure that your transactions are safe!

Bipio™ Payments offers Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, also known as “direct payments”

ACH payments will allow for fast receipt of payments and faster access to funds. ACH / eCheck payment processing services will allow merchants to offer their customers an easy way to make payments directly from a bank account.

ACH payments are faster and more reliable than checks

ACH Payments help to automate and streamline accounting. Generally, it also costs less to process an ACH transfer than a credit card payment or wire transfer.
If you’re a business that accepts recurring payments, the savings can be significant.
No trips to the bank
Convert checks to electronic transactions
Eliminate deposit slips
Save time and money
Accept online payments
Process and guarantee check transactions