A Full-Service Payment Platform

Secure and reliable payment processing solutions for businesses and financial institutions of any size.

ACH Processing

ACH payments are processed over the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, allowing your customers to pay you by transferring funds from their bank account directly into your merchant account

Mobile Payments

Get on the cutting edge of payment processing with Bipio™ Payment. Our mobile services allow you to accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay – the newest and most secure methods of payment.

Chargeback Disputes

Bipio™ Payment has a sophisticated chargeback alert system that is networked into both the acquiring banks and card issuers. The Bipio Alert system provides merchants something they’ve been lacking up until now; direct control over resolving a credit transaction dispute before it becomes a chargeback.

Credit & Debit Card Processing

Bipio™ Payment provides credit and debit card processing across all major card and payment options available, making it easier for your customers to buy. Plus its safeguarded technology ensures safety for your business and patrons.


Our industry-leading eCommerce solutions use state-of-the-art encryption so you and your customers have the ultimate security. Whether you are just starting your online store, or have an existing website that needs payment processing, Bipio™ Payment has the products and solutions to meet your business needs. From payment processing, accounting and PCI Compliance Bipio Payment™ can modernize your business.

Enhanced Interchange Services

Bipio™ Payment Enhanced Interchange Services identifies the card type and automatically provides required data to card brands for proper interchange billing. Thus saving merchants thousands of dollars in interchange costs.

P.O.S. Retail Systems

With Bipio™ Payment’s advanced technology your store can run completely contactless, ensuring the safety of your staff and customers.

Loyalty Programs & Pre-paid Gift Cards

Prepaid and traditional gift cards are increasing in Bipio™ Payment you can cater to the needs of your customers by offering exclusive prepaid and gift cards. Encourage loyalty to your store with closed loop programs or keep things flexible with open-loop options.

PCI Compliance

VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover recently formed the PCI Security Standards Council to help merchants prevent cardholder theft. All businesses regardless of size, that accept credit cards are now required to become PCI Compliant.

Virtual Terminals

Bipio™ Paymnet Virtual Terminal solution processes all your business transactions from the comfort of your computer. This cost-efficient solution saves you the hassle of purchasing a credit card terminal while simultaneously tracking all transactions and reports.

Wireless Terminals

Bipio™ Payment provides secure and reliable payment processing solutions to all sizes of businesses and financial institutions. Broaden your payment acceptance with a terminal that is compatible with major credit cards and major phone carriers.